We build special server for your WordPress web sites.

We are not hosting company. Also, we do not sell web hosting plan. Instead, through a painstaking process of testing numerous different performance configurations, we migrate your WordPress to cloud VPS.


Nginx Web Server

Nginx is a web server which is so much faster and more secure than Apache. It is designed for maximum performance and stability. Also, Nginx is the most productive way to run WordPress.

Some of the Popular Sites Using NGINX Web Server

  • WordPress.com
  • Booking.com
  • Pinterest.com
  • Reddit.com
  • BusinessInsider.com

The latest solutions

First, we install and optimize a LEMP stack (Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP7.3) on your cloud server.


Our migration service provides configuring enhanced page cache + Redis Object cache + CDN cache and minify. That sounds pretty great huh?

HTTP/2, Free SSL Certificate, Improving Time to First Byte, Database Cleaning, using Unix native cron tool instead of WP-cron.

Zero down-time

We make sure your website is still accessible during the site migration process. Google will love it!

Cloudflare and CDN

To hide your origin IP address, and improve your server security, we set up Cloudflare for you. Cloudflare protects your website against DDoS attacks and increases page speed via CDN.

Cloudflare free CDN service with unmetered bandwidth allows people from all over the world to access your website quickly.


UFW and Fail2ban protect the server and wp-login path. You won’t need to use any of WP security plugins at all.

Additionally, we keep your WordPress as much as safe by adding HTTP security headers in order to protect your site against Cross-site Scripting, Clickjacking threats.

Nginx Amplify

Our service includes Nginx Amplify. With Nginx Amplify you can monitor server performance, keep track of infrastructure assets, and receive alerts when things go wrong.

Frequently asked.

How does page caching work?

We install WP Rocket Cache plugin and configure it for you. It enables Nginx to directly serve previously cached files without calling WordPress or any PHP.

Is it compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes, Nginx webserver is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce and WP Multi-site.

Will you install cPanel or any of other web panels?

No. Web panels have negative effect on server resources (especially high memory usage). You won’t need any web panel because we already provide lifetime SSL certificate and such features for your site. Also, you can use Filezilla for file manager needs. Thus, all resources can be used for high website performance without the web panel.

I don’t know how to manage a cloud server. This may cause any issue?

Never! You won’t need any knowledge about the managing server. We will fully install, configure and optimize your server for you. Also, future security updates for your server will be installed automatically in the backend. You will focus only on your website and content quality.