Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Will you install cPanel or other web panels?

No. Web panels has negative effects on server resources (especially high RAM usage). You won’t need any web panel because I already provide lifetime SSL and such features for your site. Also, you can use Filezilla for file manager needs. Thus, all resources allocation can be used for high website performance.

I don’t know how to manage a cloud server. This may cause any issue?

Never! You won’t need any knowledge about the managing server. We will fully install, configure and optimize your server for you. Also, future security updates for your server will be installed automatically in the backend. You will focus only on your website and contents quality.

Differences Between Shared Hosting and Cloud VPS

Shared HostingCloud VPS
CPU UsageYou share resources with the other web sites
(25% – 45% Max)
Resources dedicated specifically to your site
PerformanceSlowExtremely Fast
SecurityLess Secure (Restricted control)More Secure
Dedicated IPNoYes
Better SEONoYes
PricingBetween $3.5/mo – $15/mo$5/mo will be enough
Pay As You GoNoYes